About Us

Publishing company "JOTEMA" was founded in 1999 and soon became one of the most popular publishing companies in Lithuania. The company mainly deals with fiction translations presenting the best modern authors from the USA, United Kingdom and other countries. 

Publishing company "JOTEMA" has a wide circle of readers. Among them always of immense attention are books written by world famous and extremely popular authors, prestigious awards winners, such as John Banville, Ian McEwan, John Grisham, Yann Martel, Sarah Waters, Khaled Hosseini, Dan Brown, Liudmila Ulickaja, Jeffrey Eugenides, Victoria Hislop, Peter James, Robert Harris, Harlan Coben, Tess Gerritsen, Jojo Moyes, Jeffrey Archer, Aleksandra Marinina, Nora Roberts and many others. 

"JOTEMA" gladly publishes world classics of old (François Rabelais, Giovanni Boccaccio, Stendhal, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Leo Tolstoy, Thomas Mann, Stefan Zweig, Theodore Dreiser) and newer (Erich Maria Remarque, George Orwell, Michail Bulgakov, Boris Pasternak, Harper Lee) generations. 

The company also publishes a great number of books that are constantly in demand, such as medicine, history, science, popular psychology and philosophy works, manuals, dictionaries, Lithuanian and world folklore, practical purposes books, children’s books

"JOTEMA" employs highly qualified translators and editors, layout and design staff, authoritative and highly educated consultants of various spheres. 

"JOTEMA" created a reliable trading system of its production having signed agreements with all bookshops, shopping centers, individual book trading companies all over Lithuania. Publications by JOTEMA can be found in Lithuanian and foreign libraries. 

The publishing company immediately informs its clients about the newest publications, intended sales discounts as well as provides delivery to their requests. 

"JOTEMA" is in contact with a number of publishing companies and agencies in the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Russia, France and many other countries. "JOTEMA" representatives participate in Baltic countries, Frankfurt and other book fairs, takes interest in the latest publications of foreign publishing companies.

UAB Jotema
Algirdo g. 54
LT-50157 Kaunas, Lithuania
E-mail: info@jotema.lt

Foreign Rights Manager
Aistė Matjošaitytė
Mob. tel. +370 685 45856
E-mail: a.matjosaityte@jotema.lt